The 13-year-old gives her high school gymnasium a much-needed scoreboard

By Alicia C. Dennis
Updated February 20, 2014 08:40 AM
Credit: Courtesy Jayci Glover

Whenever the Cowboys at Kanab High School in Utah score, their gym will light up, thanks to 13-year-old Jayci Glover.

Diagnosed with a rare form of terminal lymphoma, Glover was given a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and she decided she wanted to use it to give her high school a new scoreboard.

So, on Feb. 12, a check for $7,500 was presented to Principal Brenan Jackson in Glover’s name – the basketball team wore “Fight Like Jayci” T-shirts in Glover’s honor, reported Yahoo News.

“Jayci’s spirit – if you can’t draw strength from that, you can’t draw strength from anything,” Bucky Orton, a Kanab resident, told KSL news.

Glover, who returned home to her small hometown of Kanab after treatment in Salt Lake City, was greeted with crowds who held signs of encouragement and welcome.

“[We came] around the turn into Kanab. We saw the whole town there,” Coby Glover, Jayci’s dad told KSL.

Glover’s cancer battle and generosity has reached way beyond her hometown. Singer Jordin Sparks serenaded Glover via YouTube when she heard about the teenager.

“It is incredible to see how strong you are and how you’re fighting,” Sparks says in the video.

After battling cancer with chemotherapy and more than 40 rounds of radiation, doctors warned her family that she might not be able to handle the five-hour drive back home, but having her friends around her was important to her family.

“Maybe you don’t like what it’s going to look like, but if you smile and move forward there’s hope and happiness ahead,” Jayci’s mom, Heather Glover, told KSL. “That’s what Jayci taught me.”

The Glover family has set up Jayci Glover’s cause, a site to raise funds to cover her medical bills.

Glover told KSL her hometown’s big welcome-home was “awesome.”

“I tried to wave and smile but everyone was crying,” she said. “[There were] a lot of people. It was kind of overwhelming, but really awesome.”