The young fan nailed the lyrics with no backing track – and avoided the song's inappropriate references

By Kiran Hefa
Updated January 07, 2014 12:45 PM
Credit: Courtesy 3sun3reign3/Youtube

Sometimes, even Hova himself has to bow down.

Jay Z, 44, nearly got upstaged during Sunday’s tour stop in Greensboro, N.C., when he brought a 12-year-old fan onstage who had been holding up a sign in the audience that read, “Can I Rap For You?” Granting his wish, the rapper allowed the boy, named Justin, to rap a portion of his song “Clique,” for which Justin surprisingly asked to have no backing music.

To the delight of everyone gathered, the aspiring emcee nailed it, easily spitting out the track’s rhymes – until Jay Z stepped back in to provide some fatherly guidance.

“Not the drug dealing part,” he quipped. “Go back to the numbers.”

After Justin wrapped up the verse, Jay Z rushed over to give him a hug – but that wasn’t all.

“After all that he said, ‘Can I meet you backstage?'” Jay Z said. “Yes, I got something for you, too.”

Maybe it’s a slot as his opening act?