The host of The Tonight Show was under observation for apparent dehydration, his rep tells PEOPLE

By Mike Fleeman
Updated April 24, 2009 04:00 PM
Margaret Norton/NBC

Somebody buy Jay Leno a drink.

The Tonight Show host was released from the hospital Friday after he was admitted for observation for what his rep said was an apparent case of dehydration.

The late-night funnyman, 58, started feeling badly Thursday morning and was taken to Providence Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, located adjacent to NBC’s studios where The Tonight Show tapes. The show was canceled, as was Friday’s taping.

“We are happy to say that Jay Leno is feeling much better and has been released from the hospital,” NBC said in a statement. “He’s anxious to return to work on Monday.”

Leno’s personal rep tells PEOPLE: “They had him overnight. It was for observation. It was symptomatic of nothing serious. I think it was a dehydration.”

Leno is renowned for his work ethic – and heavy performing schedule – but it doesn’t appear he had overdone it; his rep says Leno’s calendar was no more full this week than usual. “He doesn’t feel strains,” the rep says. “He feels strains if there’s nothing to do.”