Jason Statham On Working with 'Mechanic: Resurrection' Costar Jessica Alba: 'She's a Real Sweetheart'

Mechanic: Resurrection is currently in theaters

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Jason Statham is reprising his role as contract killer Arthur Bishop in Mechanic: Resurrection – and now he’s tasked with completing several assassinations (plus, making them look like accidents) to keep the woman he’s fallen for (Jessica Alba) safe.

“We find Bishop at the beginning of this movie, he’s quite a solitary chap,” Statham told PEOPLE while promoting the action-thriller sequel in Beverly Hills, California, on Aug. 19.

“He’s trying to live a normal life [then] the typical getting dragged back into the line of work has to sort of take place,” explained Statham, 49, who added that Bishop still hasn’t been arrested for his many illegal activities because “he slips through the net.”

“He’s quite a slippery chap and he’s quite elusive,” shared Statham. “So I think he’s stayed out of the jails for all those reasons.”

And when it came to working with Alba, 35, Statham says the actress was a “real sweetheart.”

“All of the people that I get to work with smell of sweat and have got broken noses and cauliflower ears,” joked Statham, “So when she wafts in, it’s quite a delight.”

He continued: “She’s a real sweetheart and she’s a really serious actress that takes her part very seriously – and she likes to have a lot of fun.”

Alba’s character, Gina, is held captive by Crain (Sam Hazeldine), a ruthless businessman who’s in need of Bishop’s services and uses Gina against him to get what he wants.

“She’s responsible for a lot of the key, sort of, strong changes to the character,” explained Statham. “She didn’t want to play the damsel in distress. She wanted to have something with integrity – and hats off to her for doing that.”

As for where the mom-of-two spent her time when she wasn’t shooting scenes? Statham admits he “should pay more attention to where [Alba] goes.”

“She’s probably got to make herself look pretty again,” the actor added with a laugh.

Mechanic: Resurrection is currently in theaters.

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