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But the Couples Retreat star loves having all-out fun along the way

October 15, 2009 02:20 PM

As a former child star, Jason Bateman can appreciate the idea of running an acting career like you would a marathon.

“My goal is to get another 30 years out of this business,” Bateman, 40, says in the latest issue of Men’s Health. “So I need to figure out the fuel to do that. And so far, I think it’s respect and quality and company, not celebrity or box-office stardom. … It’s not a sprinter’s approach. It’s more like a long-distance thing. You can stick around a lot longer if you kind of slow-play it.”

Of course, with decades in the spotlight, he’s no stranger to a fast Hollywood lifestyle, and though he’s embraced responsibility for the sake of his wife and their daughter, he still knows how to have fun – though he knows now to rein himself in.

“As disciplined as I am, I’m also a huge hedonist,” he said. “If my fun level is like a 6 when I’m out, why not take it to a 10? That’s how I was with drinking. If I’m buzzed, let’s get drunk. And if I’m drunk, let’s black out. I mean, why not? I didn’t understand why you’d stop.”

But then, he’s always had an all-or-nothing approach to life. “If I’m enjoying something, I’d like to be able to just have it all,” he said. “Frankly, that’s the way I’m approaching my career now. I’m a total workaholic.”

And it’s a style that works for him. “I don’t see any reason why the next 20 years of my life can’t be even better than the last 20,” he said.

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