October 28, 2003 08:18 AM

Broadway apparently was a very different world for Jasmine Guy. The former star of “A Different World” has departed from her role in the dramatic play “The Violet Hour,” after leaving the show during intermission last Thursday night, the Associated Press reports.

A spokesman for the show (which also stars Scott Foley and Robert Sean Leonard) blamed Guy’s departure on “medical reasons.” He did not elaborate.

But Tuesday’s New York Times goes on to report about Guy’s exceedingly strange behavior in front of the audience on Thursday, saying that she spoke her lines as if in slow motion and that she was forced to grab on to the stage furniture for support.

Her understudy, Robin Miles, replaced her. In a statement released Friday, Guy, 39, said: “Unfortunately and to my deepest regret I need to leave the production at this time. I leave a piece of my heart on the stage of the Biltmore (Theater).”

On Monday, Guy declined further comment when pressed by The Times.

Two weeks before rehearsals for the show were to have started, Guy reportedly withdrew, citing a “family situation,” her producers said. That unexplained situation was ultimately resolved, but now she has left the show, apparently for good.

She’s not the only star to recently back out of a stage role. Earlier this month it was announced that former “Dharma & Greg” star Jenna Elfman wouldn’t be replacing Tony winner Jane Krakowski in the arduous singing and dancing part of Carla in the musical “Nine.” Speculation was that she just couldn’t crack the role.

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