"I felt better than I ever imagined I thought I would feel in a hospital," Mason Endres, 18, said

Concerts don’t get much more intimate – or heartfelt – than this.

Members of the band Jared & The Mill played a set Saturday afternoon considerably more important than an industry showcase: They were playing the hospital room of one of their biggest fans, who was injured in Thursday’s SXSW car accident.

Mason Endres, 18, was injured Thursday in Austin, Texas, when a drunken driver, Rashad Owens, crashed into a crowd of people, killing three and injuring 22. Mason’s leg and nose were broken, and her neck was fractured. She was rushed into surgery at nearby St. David’s Medical Center to have her broken bones set; early Friday she had to have another surgery on a blocked artery in her other leg.

“It’s been quite a roller coaster,” her father Dan told Statesman.com. “She’s going to be fine. There are some people out there that are not as lucky as us.”

Mason was most upset by the fact that she wouldn’t get to see one of her favorite bands, Jared & The Mill, an indie folk band from Phoenix, Arizona, play – she was friends with the band and had been chatting with them shortly before the crash. When the band found out she was going to miss their show, the band made plans to bring the music to her.

“She was on monitors when we told her that Jared was coming, and her heart rate jumped way up,” her father said.

“I think the pure excitement of everything has gotten me through today,” Mason said Saturday. “I felt better than I ever imagined I thought I would feel in a hospital.”

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