By Julia Emmanuele
Updated June 17, 2015 05:00 PM

Attention campers: Your potential summer plans just got much cooler, courtesy of Jared Leto.

The Oscar winner and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, are hosting Camp Mars, a three-day, two-night outdoor extravaganza that will give fans a chance to hike, cook, meditate and get to know the great outdoors (and the band) in Malibu, California. According to the Camp Mars website, campers should “expect to share your living space and live in a wonderfully communal way.” (“Share” and “Jared Leto” are some of our favorite words.)

There are 550 overnight passes and a limited number of single-day passes available for Camp Mars, and tickets and accommodations vary from $799 for the “Tree-Huggin'” package to the $1,999 “Red Hawk” package.

While the band have plenty of exciting and edu-taining events planned for their fans – including a cooking class with guitarist Tomo Milicevic, yoga, DJ performances and coffee with drummer Shannon Leto – we have a few ideas of our own as to how Leto can help make Camp Mars a truly unforgettable weekend.

Arts and Crafts: Cutting the Perfect Muscle Tee
When it comes to Leto’s personal style, there’s one garment that stands above all others: the muscle tee. But finding the right cut for you can be a difficult, disheartening experience – after all, picking out an armhole that both shows off your abs and is also flattering is no easy feat. Leto will lead campers in a shirt-cutting demonstration that will allow everyone to finally bring their guns out into the sun.

(Hair) Color Wars
It’s just not truly summer camp without a color war. Campers will be split into teams based on the various hair colors that Leto has rocked over the years – turquoise, fuschia, red, white-blonde and Joker green – and get to experience the transformations for themselves, courtesy of temporary dye. And since Camp Mars is all about connecting and having fun, everyone automatically wins.

Jared Leto: 43 Years, 24 Hairstyles

Flannel Layering Station
Some camps have tables to tie-dye your shirt; Camp Mars should pay homage to Leto’s most famous character, Jordan Catalano, by allowing campers to build their own multiple-layered flannel shirts. For best effect, wear them on top of your custom muscle tee.

Hair-Braiding Circles
Every night, campers and counselors will gather around the campfire to jam, sing and, of course, pay homage to Leto’s famous locks (RIP!) with a camp-wide hair-braiding circle. Those with spectacular ombré dye jobs are recommended to arrive early.

The Leto-Booth
What better way to capture all of those wonderful summer camp memories than with photos that you can treasure for the rest of your life? Add a little extra magic to your scrapbook by posing with your favorite iteration of Leto through the years, from The Catalano to The Guyliner to The Man Bun – you can even put yourself next to Leto on Oscar night!