Jared Leto Reveals Secret Passions: Rock Climbing and Raw Foods

Forget the L.A. club scene: The singer-turned-rocker unwinds with more adventurous hobbies

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Movies and music are great and all. But what really makes Jared Leto happy? Rock climbing and health food.

“My real passion is an occupation no one knows about,” the singer-actor told PEOPLE Monday, when he rocked the My Coke Fest in Cape Town, South Africa. “I’m a closet rock climber. I love being on the edge.”

That much was certainly obvious during his set with 30 Seconds to Mars. The 35-year-old daredevil – who broke his nose during a recent concert when he rushed into the crowd – climbed a two-story stage scaffolding and greet the crowd with “How are you motherf—ers?”

But he reached even greater heights that weekend. “I hiked up Cape Town’s Table Mountain yesterday,” he said. “It was magic. Close to heaven.”

The actor – who famously piled on 60 lbs. for his role as David Mark Chapman in the new Chapter 27 – looked as lean as ever during the music festival (which also featured Good Charlotte and the Kaiser Chiefs).

“I gorged to get fat and I think my body went into shock,” Leto said. “It took me about a year to recover.”

His secret to getting back into shape? “Health food,” said the strict vegetarian. “Everyday. I will eat anything that doesn’t have taste – like unsalted nuts, raw food and berries.”

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