When the Dallas Buyers Club actor wins, we all win

By Alison Schwartz
Updated January 19, 2014 11:00 AM
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

We spend a lot of time thinking (read: dreaming) about Jared Leto’s hair. A lot.

But we’re going to hold our thoughts for a minute to focus on another one of our favorite Leto body parts: his face, duh – and no offense to his other sexy man bun.

Now that the Dallas Buyers Club star swept this year – from the Golden Globe Awards to the Screen Actors Guild Awards to the Oscars – we’re getting up close and personal with Leto’s victory face, which is just as good as Rita Moreno’s victory dance.

Whether or not he takes home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (the ultimate nod to his on-screen portrayal of transgender woman Rayon), he’s already won awards season with these five faces.

The Miley

Twerking optional, but, hey, we can dream.

The Serious Actor

Because his mom needed at least one nice shot for the fridge.

Okay, back to FUN

Internal monologue to the competition: “Sorry I’m not sorry.”

The Taylor Swift

Is … is … that … for me?!

The Bicep Curl

Guess you don’t need to work out today.

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