September 24, 2015 01:45 PM

Hidekichi Miyazaki is 105 years old.

He is also a competitive sprinter, and he recently set a new record as the world’s oldest competitive sprinter, but he’s disappointed by this, because it falls short of his personal best. His record, 42.22 seconds for a 100-meter, doesn’t live up to his personal best of 34.10, when he was a spry 103.

Miyazaki, unbelievably, didn’t start running until his 90s, since he was unable to pursue his other hobby – playing the Japanese board game Go – because all the friends he played with had died. The father of four and grandfather of 10 also competed in the shot-put event at the Kyoto Masters.

The man known as the “Golden Bolt” for his impression of Usain Bolt’s lightning bolt pose, which he said he does because “it’s cool,” attributes his miraculous achievements to daily exercise, moderate eating and the proper mastication of his food.

“The doctors are surprised,” he told reporters at a recent event. “It’s all about being in good health.”

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