The man was showing off his lighter to his viewers

One Japanese livestreammer is gaining steam on the Internet, but probably not in the way that he would have hoped.

The man in question accidentally set his apartment on fire – and the entire incident was livestreammed out to the public. In a clip from his broadcast that was uploading onto YouTube, the man is seen showing off his lighter to the camera and refueling it while smoking a cigarette. After wiping off extra lighter fluid from the lighter onto a tissue and then placing it onto a bag next to his desk, the streamer then tries to light a match on the side of the lighter, which bursts into flames immediately.

The streamer is able to put out the fire on the lighter but then places the still smoldering match directly onto the bag with the lighter fluid tissue next to him. Unsurprisingly, a fire quickly starts while his back is turned to the flames.

Unfortunately, things only get worse from there. An automated voice set to read out messages from his viewers starts saying “behind you, behind you.” When the streamer turns around, he sees the bag of fire and carries it over to another corner of his apartment to attempt to put out the flames by placing pieces of cardboard on top of it. When that just makes things worse, he tries to put out the flames by smacking the fire with a mattress.

After a few minutes of trying various methods to put out the fire, the streamer realizes the flames are getting out of control and leaves the room, hopefully to call the fire department. The clip ends with the room filling up with smoke and the flames growing more and more intense.