'Hearing Amy's Songs Played, I Always Say Hello Amy': How Janis Winehouse Loves Hearing Her Daughter's Hits

In her memoir, Janis remembers her daughter through her music

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Just like everyone, Amy Winehouse‘s mom is likely to hear “Black to Black” or “Rehab” played wherever she goes.

But for Janis Winehouse, the songs are like a greeting from the daughter she lost in 2011.

“Hearing her songs played, I always say ‘Hello, Amy,’ says Janis, 60, “That’s what’s lovely. She’s here all the time.”

Since Amy’s death, her family has marked some happy milestones that help ease the unending anguish of their loss. Janis remarried old friend Richard Collins, 64, in September 2011.

And in September 2014, the singer’s older brother Alex celebrated the birth of a baby boy with his wife Riva.

Janis and her ex-husband – Amy’s dad Mitch have now dedicated themselves to helping prevent drug abuse through the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

“The condition of addiction is not an easy thing,” says Janis.

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Last year saw the release of Amy, a documentary about the star’s life. However, Janis says she will never be able to watch the film.

“It’s like watching her over and over again, that’s the worst,” she says, before adding: “The main thing is it’s a tribute to her.”

Janis’ memoir Loving Amy: A Mother’s Story is out in hardback on Jan. 12.

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