Janice Dickinson completed her prescribed round of radiation in July
Credit: FameFlynet

Once a supermodel, always a supermodel.

Janice Dickinson looked toned, tanned and happy while wearing a sexy two-piece swimsuit in Malibu, California on Monday.

The former America’s Next Top Model judge, 61, was seen smiling as she walked through waves while wearing a black bikini top and blue bottoms, with her hair pulled up into a bun.

In July, Dickinson told PEOPLE she had completed her prescribed round of radiation after being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year. At the time, she opened up about her difficulty coping with the diagnosis.

“[I was] in a very weird head space,” she said. “I worried about my sexuality, my femininity. I worried I would have to have a double mastectomy.”

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Dickinson went through two lumpectomies and two months of radiation as part of her treatment.

“I have a tiny bit of scarring, but I’ve been lucky,” she said. “They’ve told me I can keep my implants.”

Despite everything, Dickinson said she was at peace with her health ordeal.

“They say there’s usually a bit of anger involved but I haven’t gotten to the anger part yet,” she said. “There’s nothing to be angry about. I’m just grateful for great doctors and an amazing support system of family and friends.”

Although Dickinson had completed her prescribed radiation, as of July she had not yet been declared cancer-free.

“This battle isn’t behind me, but I will be like a phoenix walking through the ashes,” she said. “I will see my grandchildren get married. And I have a new purpose: to make sure people get tested. If I can reach just one person, I’ve done my job.”

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ