"I know u r there shining down on me," Jackson Tweeted on Tuesday

By Naja Rayne
August 25, 2015 11:30 PM
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Gone but not forgotten.

Tuesday marked the 14th anniversary of singer Aaliyah‘s tragic death and judging from the thousands of tributes on social media, she’s still as loved as ever.

One special tribute came from music icon Janet Jackson.

Jackson Tweeted a photo of a note to Aaliyah.

“What I shared with u [is] ever sacred, everlasting [and] it’s pure and it will endure. I love u Aaliyah. #RIP,” the handwritten letter read, along with the caption “I know u r there shining down on me. #ConversationsInACafe”

Before she died at the age of 22 in plane crash, Aaliyah was very vocal about her admiration for Jackson, calling her one of her her idols and saying that she hoped to work Jackson with some day.

“I am a huge fan of Janet,” the “Rock the Boat” singer told Rosie O’Donnell in a 1997 interview. “I try to mention her in every interview because I want to meet her and maybe at some point in my career collaborate with her.”

Although the pair never had the chance to work together, Jackson dedicated the song “Come Back to Me” to the young singer while in concert.

Aaliyah’s close friends Timbaland and Missy Elliott – who also collaborated with her on multiple songs – also shared their own tributes to their lost friend, posting photos and retweets in her memory.