Janet Jackson Says She'd Love to Have Kids

The singer says boyfriend Jermaine Dupri changed her mind about having a family

Janet Jackson, whose album, 20 Years Old, is due Sept. 26, is ready for another project – motherhood – now that she’s found happiness with producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri.

“I never wanted to have kids,” Jackson, 40, said at an Atlanta news conference Friday. “I never thought I would. I never really wanted any children because of the relationships that I was in. I never wanted to bring children into that. Being with Jermaine has really changed my life, and if he would like to adopt, then that’s something that I would like to do too.”

Jackson, who was previously married to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo Jr., told reporters, “I always wanted to find love. Now that I found love, I’m in a different space.”

On collaborating with Dupri on some tracks on her new album, she said, “There is no challenge with Jermaine. … Jermaine is drama-free. A lot of friends thought it would have had a major strain on the relationship, but not at all. He’s very giving – and I can give a little too.”

Born in Gary, Ind., Jackson said she now considers herself an Atlanta resident. “This is my home,” she said. “I know sometimes I want a little escape and (to) have a good time. I hope there are people out there I can make feel good through my music.”

Despite her new family-friendly attitude, Jackson said her new album contains the same type of sexual lyrics as her previous work. “I enjoy talking about it,” she said. “It shouldn’t be any different from before.”

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