Opening her Rock Witchu Tour in Vancouver, she gets emotional during her first show in six years

By Rennie Dyball
Updated September 11, 2008 10:45 AM
Credit: John Darch/JDJ, Inc.

Nearly two decades after Rhythm Nation, Janet Jackson got back into the groove.

The singer, 42, suffered no wardrobe malfunctions Wednesday, on the first stop of her North American Rock Witchu Tour at the GM Palace in Vancouver. Amid multiple costume changes, Jackson performed 30 hit songs, including “Control,” “Let’s Wait Awhile” and “Rhythm Nation.”

Jackson got rave reviews. The show was a “reminder that she is a trend-setter in her own right, a true diva, and a marvelous performer,” said the Vancouver Sun.

According to Canadian reports, the Grammy winner’s high-energy show – her first in six years – also featured a spicy S&M scene involving an audience member.

But “The most memorable moment of the show,” writes Marsha Lederman of Canada’s Globe and Mail, “came when Jackson, dressed in a gold and black glam hip hop-inspired track suit (and one gold glove) … listened to the crowd roar its approval and became emotional – really emotional. We’re talking tears. ‘Thank you,’ she said, seeming to really mean it, as she waved her hands, begging the audience to stop.”

The Live Nation-produced tour hits the U.S. on Saturday in Oakland, Calif., and includes stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York and Atlanta.