Credit: Courtesy Gina Rodriguez

Ever since we saw the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin – and instantly started following the entire cast’s Instagram – we’ve had a massive friend crush on Gina Rodriguez, the show’s charismatic protagonist.

Judging by Rodriguez’s social media – which we may or may not spend perusing every day – she seems just as kind, funny and (duh) beautiful as Jane.

OK, enough gushing. Let us present 10 pieces of scientific proof that corroborate our thesis: Gina Rodriguez is unequivocally the best.

1. She shaved off a third of her head and still looks as fly and fierce as ever.

2. She is the actual, physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine.

3. She promotes the work of Latin American artists, actors and directors.

4. She’s a fighter.

“My dad and mom taught me to fight. Fight for my dreams, for my voice, for the voiceless, to fight for my soul and character. They taught me to fight and should I fall, brush off my knees and go at it again.”

5. She can rock a bold lip.

6. She is an extraordinary dancer.

7. She got to touch Adam Rodriguez, her former Jane the Virgin costar, and we are so jealous it hurts.

8. She looks good in bell bottoms. Bell bottoms!!!!!!!!

9. She’s hung out with everyone we’ve ever loved.

10. She makes us laugh. Like, a lot a lot.

In conclusion: Gina, please never, ever stop posting on Instagram. We simply don’t know how we’d carry on.