As Grace and Frankie returns this Friday, take a look back at the wildest moments of everyone's favorite 78-year-old

By Diana Pearl
Updated May 06, 2016 06:00 PM
Credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty

After more than five decades of working in Hollywood, and lifetime in the public eye, Jane Fonda has collected quite a few envy-inducing, eye-popping stories. Even today, she’s still stirring up trouble with costar Lily Tomlin in their Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. Here, nine stories that prove that the 78-year-old is the original – and ultimate – BAMF.

1. She went skinny dipping with Michael Jackson.
While shooting On Golden Pond, Fonda got a visit from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At the time, she was staying in a “little cabin on the lake,” and when the full moon hit, Jackson suggested the two go swimming. Only problem? He didn’t bring a swimsuit. So the two went skinny-dipping. Fonda insisted to Ellen DeGeneres: “It was his idea!”

2. And with Greta Garbo.
Fonda’s rebellious phase started early. At 16, her father had rented a house in the South of France, and Greta Garbo came to visit. “She said ‘You wanna go swimming?'” Fonda said. “She came out with a robe and one of those serious, white, rubber caps and dove in.” Not your typical teenage years!

3. She had multiple threesome with her then-husband Roger Vadim.
According to Patricia Bosworth’s biography, Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman, Fonda and Vadim had many threesomes throughout their marriage – the first with a Parisian call girl. “I … threw myself into the threesome with the skill and enthusiasm of the actress that I am,” she said in Bosworth’s biography. Later on, she said that she didn’t enjoy the threesomes.

4. She sunbathed completely nude in front of Hollywood elite.
She and then-husband Vadim rented a beach house in Malibu, California, and were frequently visited by a number of celebrities, including Andy Warhol and Marlon Brando. Fonda would lie on the deck totally naked, according to Bosworth – and sometimes, Vadim would come and rub oil all over her body.

5. She joined the mile high club with Ted Turner.
Things moved quickly for Fonda and Turner: On their fourth date, they boarded his private jet and he asked her if she had ever joined the “mile high club.” At the time, Fonda was clueless. “I didn’t know what he was talking about,” she said. “And then I joined.” Of course, because this was a private plane, the seats reclined into beds.

6. She’s made out with someone half her age.
Fonda shared this tidbit on Ellen, but didn’t give details as to who.. She did say, though, that it wasn’t anything more than making out: “That’s all.”

7. She’s hooked up in a bathroom at a party.
Also on Ellen, Fonda shared that she’s gotten a little dirty in a bathroom at a party – although she had to confirm what “hook up” means to be sure. DeGeneres told her that it was a “little more than making out,” to which Fonda said, “I stick with that.”

8. She allegedly showed up nearly naked to tea in college.
Legend has it that while she was a student at Vassar College, Fonda wasn’t allowed to attend the college’s daily tea because she wasn’t wearing the required accessories, white gloves and pearls. In a show of defiance, Fonda returned to the parlor for tea wearing said white gloves, pearls, and nothing else. Fonda herself hasn’t confirmed the story, but that hasn’t stopped Vassar tour guides from telling others about it.

9. She was arrested in an airport.
At the Cleveland airport in 1970, Fonda was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a number of pills onto her flight. After she was released for that crime, charges were brought against her again, for kicking a police officer at the Cleveland airport. It was the latter charge that resulted in her now-infamous “fist up” mugshot. Those charges, too, were dropped.