Fonda has skinny-dipped with Jackson and Greta Garbo
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Add skinny-dipping legend to Jane Fonda‘s resume.

During an appearance on Ellen on Monday, Fonda, 78, revealed not one, but two epic skinny-dipping stories.

“Of course,” she responded when Ellen DeGeneres asked if she’d swam nude with Michael Jackson. “Here’s how it happened; he was visiting me when we were shooting On Golden Pond and I had a little cabin on the lake.

“He stayed with me for about eight days and one night it was a full moon and he said lets go swimming. It was his idea!”

Fonda continues, detailing how the King of Pop hadn’t brought a bathing suit so the pair grabbed robes and went to the lake where they jumped in.

But Jackson isn’t the only worldwide star Fonda skinny-dipped with. Telling her story about the “Thriller” singer, the Grace and Frankie star also shared that she’s probably the only person in the world who can say she’s done that with Jackson and Greta Garbo.

“I was about 16 and my father had rented a house in the South of France,” Fonda told the talk show host, explaining that her stepmother was social and always had celebrities over the house. “Then one day Garbo came and she said ‘You wanna go swimming?’ She came out with a robe and one of those serious, white, rubber caps and dove in.”

Talk about a bucket list.