Jamie Lee Curtis, Katy Perry and More Join Lena Dunham's #ImWithHer Campaign for Hillary Clinton

"I'm with her because I want my daughters to grow up safe," explains Shonda Rhimes in the star-studded clip

Photo: Source: Lena Dunham/Instagram

Hillary Clinton is getting a pretty star-studded endorsement with the help of Lena Dunham before the Iowa caucuses on Monday night.

In a newly released video, Dunham, who has been stumping for the Democratic candidate, rallied together everyone from Amy Poehler to Tracy Anderson to explain why they’re supporting Clinton’s run for president.

“#ImWithHer. Are you?” wrote Dunham on Facebook. “See why we’re supporting Hillary Clinton and go to hillaryclinton.com/commit to tell us you’re coming out to vote this year.”

Scream Queens star Jamie Lee Curtis kicked off the clip, saying, “I want my president of the United States to make decisions on my behalf based on her experience, her command, her intelligence and from her big, warm, embracing feminine heart.”

Amber Tamblyn, GirlsJemima Kirke, Rosie O’Donnell, and Dunham herself, all also joined in the chorus of celebrity voices before Katy Perry and Parks and Recreation‘s Retta took the screen.

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“I’m with her because I want to maintain my freedoms,” explained Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes. “I’m with her because I want my daughters to grow up safe. And I’m with her because every child in this country deserves an equal shot at the American dream.”

The clip concludes again with Curtis, but not before Uzo Aduba appeared in her SAG Awards dress!

“Because she’s dedicated her life to us, her time is now,” Aduba added of her support.

Dunham previously traveled to Boston; Manchester and Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Chicago; and Iowa City and Des Moines, Iowa, as part of Clinton’s campaign, speaking to supporters in an array of snazzy outfits.

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