"I wrote it when I was 3," says the Ray star, whose Oscar date will be his daughter

By Stephen M. Silverman
January 13, 2005 09:00 AM

With three Golden Globe nominations to his name, and this week four Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, Jamie Foxx is on a roll – with Oscars oddsmakers favoring the Ray star to take home the Best Actor prize come Feb. 27.

Which begs the question: Is his Oscar speech ready?

“I wrote it when I was 3,” the actor, who turned 37 on Dec. 13 (the day the Globe nominations were announced), tells GQ magazine for its February issue.

Although Foxx had been making a name for himself in Hollywood since appearing on FOX’s In Living Color in 1990, his more recent successes – the Ray Charles biopic and costarring with Tom Cruise in Collateral – has catapulted him to a new level (including the purchase of a new yellow Bentley), which, Foxx tells journalist Lisa DePaulo, is putting a crimp in his partying ways.

“With this Ray Charles thing,” he says, “I gotta change. Things are changing.” This includes, the profile says, no longer taking young reporters out on all-night drinking binges. “You have to be careful,” Foxx declares, “because you don’t want anything bad to happen now” that the Oscar ballots are out.

The article also says that Foxx rarely sees his father, a Muslim who lives in Dallas, because, says a friend, the father’s “religion keeps them apart.” Foxx also has a daughter he dotes on: Corinne, 11, who was born during a brief relationship.

And it will be Corinne, GQ reports, who will be Foxx’s date at the Oscars.