The steelworker from Alabama gets voted off the Ulong tribe on Wednesday night

March 24, 2005 08:00 AM

For a time, it looked like a toss-up between two Alabamans as to who would be booted from Survivor: Palau on Wednesday night’s episode.

Both Ibrehem Rahmen, 27, a waiter from Birmingham, and James Miller, 33, a steelworker from Mobile, received two votes apiece at the Ulong tribal council.

But after the mandatory second vote, the decision came down against James, who was the seventh castaway to be voted off the show. He said afterwards: “It wasn’t my time to go. … I didn’t feel like it, you know? My gut failed me.”

Besides Ibrehem’s vote against him, James also received dissenting votes from fellow Alabaman Bobby Jon Drinkard and Ulong’s only other surviving member, Stephenie LaGrossa.

“I am sad and depressed, you know?” Miller said at the end of the show. “But I’ve accomplished things that not many people can say they have, and that makes me proud. I am glad that I got a chance to go on Survivor and see if I had what it takes.”

The weekly episode aired a day early because of CBS’s coverage of NCAA basketball tonight.

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