Sure, they're only 5-cent pieces, but there are 8 million of them

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 12, 2013 11:50 AM
Credit: Courtesy daniel h ni/Youtube

For those of you with long-dormant Scrooge McDuck fantasies, there’s a bank vault for sale in Switzerland that’s filled with 8 million coins. Turns out dreams do come true.

Should you purchase the apparently-too-expensive-to-have-its-price-listed-publicly vault, you will be purchasing an actual bank vault (constructed in 1912!) that features a total of 1,619 deposit boxes (each with a key!), that will be removed from its original location and transported to wherever your wealthy little heart desires.

And did we mention the money?

The vault comes with 8 million pieces of Swiss 5-cent coins (“rappen”). That’s about 15 tons worth. Pause and think on that for a second. Fifteen tons of gold-looking coins. (They’re actually made mostly of copper, with some aluminum and nickel mixed in.) Imagine the possibilities.

While it’s long been proven that it’s fairly difficult to actually “swim” in millions of tiny pieces of metal, you could certainly lie down and have someone pour them over you (gently). Or, do anything with them that you want.

You just bought a bank vault filled with money – no one tells you what to do.

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