Paul has launched Team 10 in hopes of growing the social media followings of his new "family"

By Patrick Gomez
Updated August 06, 2016 11:05 AM
Credit: Barry King/Getty Images

Jake Paul says his new roommates are pretty much “the best family.”

The Vine celebrity has moved in with six other social media stars – Neels Visser, Alissa Violet, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell, and twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre – with hopes that they will create content together and grow their individual brands under the umbrella of his new social media label/”talent incubator” Team 10.

“It’s a group of people who live together – you can call it a squad if you want to – and what we do is we make videos, we live together, we collaborate together and that’s the beauty of it,” Lange – who has 942,000 Instagram followers – says in a video exclusive to PEOPLE and Instant.

“The best part about it is that we’re all young and aspiring to do big things in Hollywood,” says Paul, 19. “We all just teamed up and help each other out and collaborate and love each other.”

The members of Team 10 play coy about eventually going out on tour together or selling branded merchandise, but they are definitely planning on growing their family … which will maybe make their name make more sense.

“We’re a team, so that’s where that came from and the 10 … there’s not even 10 of us, so, I mean, it kind of just stuck,” jokes Paul, who also stars on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark. “The 10 doesn’t really mean anything.”