Watch 'New Girl' Star Jake Johnson Try and Fail at Parkour

The New Girl actor attempts parkour in a new Funny or Die clip


If you’ve ever watched a parkour video and said “I could totally do that,” then let this be your cautionary tale: No, you probably can’t.

In a new Funny Or Die clip, New Girl actor Jake Johnson tries his best at the urban jungle gym antics that you see in parkour videos. Does it work? No, of course not. Johnson, 37, is not a parkour guy. Most people are not parkour material. But the important part is that he thought he looked cool doing it. And if you’re not making parkour videos that you think make you look cool, then what’s the point?

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The clip is actually a promotion for American Eagle. (Yeah, Johnson is selling those jeans he’s wearing.) In a blog post about the video, the Jurassic World actor explains that no, the outfit he’s sporting is not a nod back to Wayne Knight’s character in the original Jurassic Park.

“Newman? No, if anything it’s a nod to Samuel L. Jackson in the first film,” he joked. “But, no, we’re not going after a Newman look. The goal of this campaign is not to look like Newman from Seinfeld circa ’91.”

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