Who Is Jake Harris? Inside the Former 'Deadliest Catch' Star's Personal Struggles on and off Camera

In 2013, Josh Harris admitted that his younger brother Jake was "lost in drugs"

Jake Harris, who was once a star on Discovery’s hit reality show Deadliest Catch, was allegedly robbed and attacked on Saturday and is currently recovering in a Washington hospital.

Prior to his scary ordeal (in which two suspects have been arrested), the former reality star had his fair share of struggles both on and off camera. Below is a list of the 31-year-old’s biggest controversies throughout his stint on the popular reality show.

1. In high school, Jake became addicted to opiates after injuring himself.
“In high school I was a skater and it turned out I wasn’t very good,” he told Dr. Drew Pinsky in 2011. “I broke some limbs is how I got addicted to opiates.”

2. While filming Deadliest Catch, Jake revealed to his father Phil that he had a drug addiction.
Jake told his father, with whom he had a very close connection, that he was he had drug issues while on camera. The young reality star’s reveal later sent him into rehab.

3. His father had a stroke while on camera and later passed away, which Jake took very hard at the time.
Phil died of a pulmonary embolism at an Alaska hospital on Feb. 9, 2010, following a stroke on camera. Jake later told Pinsky that he tried to fill the void with drugs and alcohol: “[I] got a big hole in my heart and tried to fill it up with everything that wasn’t good for it.”

Captain Phil Harris Of "Deadliest Catch" Dies
Blair Bunting/Discovery Channel via Getty

4. Following his father’s death, Jake was arrested for a DUI in March 2010.
At the time, Jake was arrested for a hit and run, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license after crashing his BMW in Seattle.

5. Jake then returned to the show following his DUI, only to be caught with “paraphernalia” aboard the Cornelia Marie.
In November 2010, TMZ reported that Captain Derek Ray, of the Cornelia Marie, called police to the boat because he suspected Jake was abusing drugs while at sea. When police arrived, they discovered “paraphernalia” but it wasn’t enough evidence to charge the star with any crime. Jake later told Dr. Drew in the same interview that he would abuse pills while out at sea.

6. In 2013, Jake was noticeably absent from the Deadliest Catch‘s season promos.
Josh, Jake’s older brother who also starred on the show, told the Huffington Post that Jake was “lost in drugs” and still dealing with the death of his father.

“My brother’s been going through issues. He’s lost in drugs still,” Josh said at the time. “Jake’s gotta take care of his own stuff right now. Deal with his demons.”

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