Jaime Pressly: Marriage Can Wait

The My Name Is Earl actress wants to avoid the "rigmarole" of a wedding

Photo: Devan/INF

Jaime Pressly is in no rush to get to the altar with fiancé Eric Cubiche, with whom she has an 8-month-old son, Dezi James.

“We’re so happy with the way everything is,” Pressly, 30, told PEOPLE at the Pepsi Stuff launch party at Element in Hollywood Thursday, where Cubiche was working as the deejay.

“If I could like put a ring on his finger, and have it just be like that without us just having to go through the rigmarole of throwing a big wedding and doing that whole situation – that just seems like such a production” she added of a wedding. “My life is a production. I don’t want to have to go do a whole other one that I’ve got to pay for.”

The My Name is Earl star looks to other successful Hollywood couples, who have stayed together but not gotten married, as an ideal model.

“Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have got it right. They’re the only ones that have lasted,” she says of the longtime unmarried couple. “You’re there and together because you want to be, not because paper says you have to be.”

Still, Pressly says she does imaging tying the knot with Cubiche, 34, at some point. “Eventually, when things calm down and the baby’s a little older [we’ll get married] – although I’m sure I’ll be pregnant by that point and maybe we’ll have to wait again. … We’re fine right now. We’re happy.

Asked if she’d consider a low-key ceremony or a quickie City Hall wedding, she dismissed the idea as not her style. “I’ve never done anything little in my life,” she said. “I’ve got to do it big. When we get married, I want to be princess for a day. I want to have the dress on. I want to have the whole family. ”

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