Jaden Smith Turns Heads at Coachella with His Ever-Evolving Style

Smith also wore a bunch of flowers in his hair at the festival, to complete the look

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Jaden Smith clearly knows how to embrace music festival style.

The 16-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith spent Friday at Coachella, in Indio, California, in an apparent T-shirt dress draped over breezy black shorts. At least part of the time he also wore a flower crown made of red roses.

It’s the latest example in the actor-rapper-designer’s continuing fashion evolution. Earlier this month he posted photos a new clothing purchase, writing “Went to Topshop to buy some girl clothes, I mean ‘clothes.’ ”

Jaden has since been spotted wearing several different dresses, all usually variations of black, white and grey. But pants are optional.

Fashion is something on which both Smith children have a lot to say. Jaden introduced gender-neutral tunics and skirts in his own clothing line back in 2013.

“Einstein didn’t really like to change clothes because he had too much other stuff to worry about, and I’m the same,” Jaden told Billboard last month. “All black is pretty much my go-to look.”

“If somebody is just wearing something for the blogs, that’s really sad,” he continued, “because they’re not living for themselves, versus someone wearing a kimono who’s having an awesome time.”

Will Smith’s Changing Looks!

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