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The 11-year-old Karate Kid star says he's at a loss in battles with his sister Willow

June 08, 2010 01:20 PM

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son Jaden may know how to throw a mean blow in The Karate Kid remake, but in real life, he’s often the one under attack.

“Jaden’s a good kid, [but] he’s always bullied by his sister,” Smith’s costar Jackie Chan told PEOPLE with a chuckle at the L.A. premiere for their film Monday.

“I scream for my mom,” Smith, 11, says of his 9-year-old attacker. “She usually takes Willow’s side. My dad takes Willow’s side, too. That’s why I usually hang out with my brother [Trey]. I don’t bully anyone.”

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Chan’s no stranger to bullying either – except he was the one doing it. “When I was young, I always bullied somebody,” Chan admits. “After I learned martial arts, I learned respect. And then like in the movie, after 30-something years of work, I came to America and I was like a fish out of water. I spoke no English, and so many people helped me.”

All sibling rivalries aside, a gold-clad Willow – who’s outfit closely resembled mama Jada’s metallic ensemble – strutted her stuff on the red carpet and took a bully-free moment to help her older brother celebrate the release of his new film.

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