Jack Tweed is gathering pictures and trinkets in case he is sent away on assault charges

Credit: PA Photos/Landov

Facing his grief with the eyes of the world watching was hard enough for Jade Goody’s widower, Jack Tweed.

Now, Tweed, who helped carry his wife’s white coffin into a church at her funeral on Saturday, is facing the possibility of jail – and he is preparing by compiling a ‘memory box’ of mementos that remind him of his late wife.

A friend of the family confirms to PEOPLE that Tweed has been gathering pictures, postcards and other trinkets in case he is jailed when he is sentenced in an assault case next Thursday.

Tweed, 21, who married Goody in February as she fought a battle with cervical cancer, was convicted last month of assaulting a taxi driver. He was warned at the time that he faces a custodial sentence.

Goody, 27, who died March 22, was buried April 4. Thousands of well-wishers watched her her funeral and procession.

The late reality star revealed she had prepared her own memory boxes for her sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, as she called on people to remember the laughter and good things.

The story was first reported by Britain’s the Sun. A friend is quoted in the paper saying, “Jack is still coming to terms with burying Jade but knows jail is a real possibility. He cannot bear the thought of not being able to visit his wife’s grave.”