Jade Goody's Sons to Miss Funeral

With thousands expected for the ceremony, their father Jeff Brazier will take them on a trip to Australia

Photo: Mark Readman/WENN

The funeral this Saturday for British reality TV star Jade Goody is expected to draw thousands of mourners and the world’s news media, though her young sons will not be on hand for the spectacle.

Goody’s boys, Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, are being taken on a trip to Australia by their father, TV presenter Jeff Brazier. Goody, 27, died March 22 after a highly publicized battle with cancer.

Meanwhile, singer Michael Jackson has sent his wishes to Goody’s mother, Jackiey Budden, and Goody’s husband Jack Tweed.

“He sent a message saying Jade was a ‘very brave girl.’ He said ‘You must be very proud of her and what she achieved, that so man lives will be saved because of her,'” says family spokesman Max Clifford. “He sent them his condolences and said that he will be sending flowers for the funeral this weekend.”

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