Jack Tweed holds back tears as he leaves flowers and a chocolate egg

It was an emotional visit to Jade Goody’s grave for her husband Jack Tweed on Saturday. Accompanied by two pals, Tweed struggled to maintain his composure as he left flowers and a large Easter egg next to the cross marking her plot in Essex, England.

“Jack is finding it very hard and is doing everything he can to be as close to Jade as possible,” Goody’s rep, Max Clifford, tells PEOPLE. “Jack’s close friends have been very supportive of him as well.”

Mom-of-two Goody, 27, died March 22 after losing her battle with cervical cancer. Her funeral procession on April 4 was watched by thousands of people. And Goody was buried beneath a simply wood cross with brass plaque.

“It is difficult for Jack. Remember, he is only a 21-year-old and a lot went on over the last few weeks,” says Clifford. “There was his wedding, the christening and then Jade died. At the moment Jack is taking one day at a time and he will probably be like that for a long time to come.”

It was revealed Friday that plans are afoot for Goody, who rose to fame after appearing in Britain’s Big Brother, to be immortalized in a waxwork. Tweed meanwhile could be headed to jail when he is sentenced in an assault case next Thursday.