A lesson in pride coming before the fall
Credit: Getty

15-year-old Jacob Williamson thought he could spell “kabaragoya.” Unfortunately, no, he could not spell “kabaragoya.”

In a lesson to everyone that pride cometh before the fall, the Scripps Spelling Bee contestant came down with a case of premature celebration Thursday night during the finals of the annual spelling competition. Williamson, an “avid numerologist,” had been overjoyed at the experience throughout the night, as his reaction to making the finals proved:

Jacob’s enthusiasm made him a fan favorite, but his glee got the best of him three rounds later when he was assigned “kabaragoya.”

“I totally know it!” he exclaimed. Alas, he did not know it. Still, he did finish in the top 10. Not bad!

Williamson previously made it through “harlequinade,” “euripus,” “rhadamanthine” and “Munchausenism” – words which mean a farce, a turbulent strait of water, an adjective for judgmental, and a tall tale, respectively.

Kabaragoya, by the way, is a type of lizard native to Southeast Asia. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

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