So much fun in six seconds

Need a quick break from the monotony of work, the daily grind or the boredom of whatever routine you’re trapped in? Welcome to Vine Time, where we take a look at three Vines that for a brief moment (six seconds to be exact) make us smile, laugh or say, "what did we just watch?"

Vine tween Jacob Sartorius has more swagger than any of us will ever have. Whether he’s dancing or singing about Chipotle, he’s clearly ahead of his time. But there’s still that moment of frustration when he realizes he might be smarter than his mom. “What’s race car spelled backwards?” he asks his mom, who is stumped by the question. (In case you were wondering, the answer is “race car.”)

Also on our radar is a street dancer’s impressive moves that make it appear as if he’s got at least a few extra joints in his legs that us regular humans were not graced with.

Lastly, Vine star Patrick Barnes graduates college with little fanfare from the (human) members of his house. His dog, Quincy, however, couldn’t be prouder and greets him with one ecstatic holler. If only we all had a Quincy around to keep us pumped up at work.