Jaclyn Smith's Magnificent LA Home: Take a Tour

The TV icon (and furniture designer) shows off her meticulously decorated Georgian colonial. "I'm very neat and a perfectionist," says Smith. "Things have to be a certain way."

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Jaclyn Smith likes to keep her Los Angeles home in a constant state of flux.

“I’ve always been into older homes, even if I have to refurbish or remodel or raise roof lines or knock out walls,” says the former Charlie’s Angels star as she curls up with her late mother’s dog Honey Bun in a loft area above her expansive master bedroom.

“This room used to have fabric on the walls. My husband was very grateful when I took that down. He felt like he was living in a hat box.”

Smith, 68, fell in love with her Georgian colonial in 1991 and was struck by the amenities it offered: a tennis court for her son Gaston, now 32; a pool for her daughter Spencer Margaret, now 28, to enjoy with friends; office space for both her and heart surgeon Dr. Brad Allen, who would become her husband in 1997.

But there was some work to be done.

“The kitchen was the only room that really needed to be renovated,” says Allen, 59. “But she redid every room in the house.”

Take a tour of Jaclyn Smith’s House

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