By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 09, 2001 12:15 PM

Michael Jackson says that he will build a computer school on the grounds of his Neverland estate in Southern California so his own kids won’t have to go “into society.” He speaks from experience. “People who grew up as child stars have the same thing in common. You’re cute, they love you; you go through the awkward stage, they don’t accept you any more. Very few make the transition to adult star,” Jackson, 43, told TV Guide. He was referring to himself and his friend Elizabeth Taylor, 68, who also grew up in the limelight. Jackson’s son Prince, 4, and daughter Paris, 3, played at his feet during the interview, which ostensibly was to promote his new album “Invincible,” and the star said that the children travel everywhere with him. He said that Prince likes to tease, and he described Paris as “the tough one.” As for other career plans, though Jackson’s movie career has lacked high points (1978’s “The Wiz” was a fizz), he said, “I want to do a film with Liza Minnelli. We are planning a movie together. It’s about two struggling entertainers trying to make it; they get turned away everywhere they go. With some of the best dancing ever.” He added, pointing to his heart, “I’m not joking because I see it, I feel it here.”