By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 29, 2003 01:00 PM

Speaking on “60 Minutes” Sunday night in his first interview since his Nov. 20 arrest on child molestation charges, Michael Jackson says he was mistreated during the booking process and that the police search of his Neverland ranch so violated his privacy that he will never live there again.

In an interview with correspondent Ed Bradley, Jackson, 45, also vehemently denied the charges against him (seven counts of molesting a boy under the age of 14 and two of plying him with alcohol beforehand).

He also insisted again that he sees nothing wrong in sharing his bed with a child and thanked his fans for their support. As for his young accuser, Jackson said “greedy” parents are manipulating him.

Describing his surrender to Santa Barbara County authorities last month, Jackson said he was “manhandled very roughly” by police, whom he accused of deliberately hurting him while they slapped on the handcuffs.

“My shoulder is dislocated, literally. It’s hurting me very badly. I’m in pain all the time,” he said. “Now I can’t move. It keeps me from sleeping at night.”

He also accused police of tossing him into a putrid cell and taunting him. “There was doo-doo, feces thrown all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling. And it stunk so bad….Then one of the policemen came by the window. And he made a sarcastic remark. He said, ‘Smell — does it smell good enough for you in there? How do you like the smell?’

“And I just simply said, ‘It’s all right. It’s okay.’ So I just sat there and waited.”

The interview, taped on Christmas Day in a Los Angeles hotel room, was interrupted a few times by Jackson’s lawyer, whose voice could be heard off-screen.

In addition to the “60 Minutes” interview, CBS said that an hour-long Jackson music special that was canceled the day after authorities raided his Neverland ranch has been rescheduled for Friday, Jan. 2, reports Reuters.

CBS spokesman Chris Ender told the news service that Jackson’s “60 Minutes” interview cleared the way for the network to resurrect the music special. “The timing is better,” said Ender. “We wouldn’t have rescheduled the entertainment special if he hadn’t addressed the situation in the Ed Bradley interview.”