Jermaine Jackson, 46, one of the original Jackson Five, on Sunday told a Las Vegas radio station that the group — including his brother, Michael Jackson, 42 — plans to record a new album together and then tour again this year. But Michael’s response, according to his publicist, Cheri Fein, speaking to the Associated Press, is, “Michael will be recording two to three songs for the new Jackson Five album . . . He has not gone into the studio yet to do this, and he has not yet committed to touring.” Still, should such a reunion occur, it would mark the group’s first professional gig since 1984’s “Victory” album and tour. Meanwhile, Jermaine’s son, Jermaine Jackson Jr., age unreported, made today’s New York Daily News with a report that a stray bullet fired yesterday from a car pierced the Manhattan apartment window belonging to the younger Jackson. No one apparently was injured, and Jr. seemed unfazed by the incident, his building superintendent, Dan Durante, told the paper. “Basically,” said Durante, “he was just, like, ‘Danny, fix the window. It’s cold.’ “