By Stephen M. Silverman
December 16, 2003 10:00 AM

Talk about a battle of the bands: Detroit police are investigating a fight at a local music venue involving White Stripes frontman Jack White and Jason Stollsteimer, lead singer for fellow Motor City band the Von Bondies.

The skirmish between the two Detroit-based musicians broke out Saturday night at the Magic Stick club, police tell the Associated Press.

According to the police report posted on the Smoking Gun Web site, Stollsteimer said that White “became enraged” after Stollsteimer declined to speak with him. White then suddenly pulled him to the ground and hit him seven times, said Stollsteimer.

White (who has dated Renee Zellweger and recently received four Grammy nominations) co-produced a 2002 Von Bondies album and has recently been feuding with the band, says the Smoking Gun.

Reportedly sporting a bruised and swollen right eye and a bloody nose, Stollsteimer, 25, told police that White punched him seven times in the face. Police say Stollsteimer was treated and released from a Detroit hospital. The musician’s manager, Rick Canny, tells AP, “This was not a fight, this was an attack.”

White, 28, reportedly only suffered some redness to the face and cuts on his left hand, says the Smoking Gun. He told police that he struck Stollsteimer in self-defense. White’s spokeswoman Alison Zero declined comment to the Associated Press on Monday.

Prosecutor Marcus Connor tells AP that his office is awaiting results of the police investigation before deciding whether to file any charges, while Tara Dunlop, a police spokesperson, told the Smoking Gun that White would most likely be hit with a misdemeanor assault rap.