Jack Osbourne Opens Up About Parents Ozzy and Sharon's Marriage and What He's Learned from Them

"They're working through it, they're figuring s--- out," Jack Osbourne told PEOPLE Now

Jack Osbourne has learned a lot from his parents over the years — though, for the most part, he says he tries to stay out of their marriage.

Speaking to PEOPLE Now on Wednesday, Jack opened up about how his parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are doing since getting back together following a split earlier this year when Ozzy’s long-term affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh was revealed.

“They’re doing good,” said Jack, 30. “You know, they’re working through it, they’re figuring s— out. I’m like: ‘Alright, that’s you guys’ business.’ I’ve got my own problems to worry about!”

According to Jack, he’s learned different things from Ozzy, 67, and Sharon, 64, when it comes to parenting his own children: daughters Pearl Clementine, 4, and Andy Rose, 1, whom he shares with wife Lisa Stelly.

“Conversations with [my dad] growing up never felt like a dad telling you [what to do],” explained Jack. “It was always very relaxed. Which is, I think, crucial. There’s so much talk abut how to talk to kids — it’s like, well, just talk to them like they’re people. They just are. They’re just smaller and not quite as mature.”

“He also, through example, taught me a lot of what not to do, which was great,” he added with a laugh.

One thing he can credit Dad with teaching him? Punctuality!

“One thing he did say is: ‘Always be on time,’ ” recalled Jack. “My mom’s always late, and I would always get left at school for ages. My dad was more prompt when he would come get me.”

Ultimately, Jack said he’s tried to take away “as many positives” from their parenting skills as he can, but he’s also picked up a few tricks of his own.

“You know, I’m not necessarily going to do [this or] that,” he said. “Not that I don’t appreciate some of the parenting skills my parents implemented in me and my sisters, but there are certain things that I think I have consciously decided to change versus do. Because I think the stuff that we do, we’re doing it because that’s what we saw anyway.”

As for what the rocker and his wife of 33 years have in common? The joy they both get from being grandparents.

“I have to tell them: ‘Every time you guys see [the kids], it’s not Christmas again!’ ” said Jack with a laugh. “It’s like this weird thing they do. And I’m like: ‘It’s okay to not give them something when you come over once a week, twice a week.’ ”

“Andy, my youngest, she literally is the most deliberate, smartest [girl],” added Jack. “She’s like: I’m going to do this because I don’t care right now. And so she’s been a little standoffish with my parents, ’cause she’s just not comfortable and she’s really particular. So now she’s starting to warm up — she’s like: Okay, these people bring me cool things!”

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