The YouTube comedy duo share details about their new show at VidCon

By Grace Gavilanes
July 24, 2015 05:00 PM

ICYMI (and if you really did miss it, what rock are you living under?!): YouTube comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs, the hilarious guys behind Jack & Dean, released a short feature on their channel, Ghost Fighting Corporation, in June.

Unlike the long-form features that regularly premiere on the platform, Ghost Fighting Corporation is different because of its high-profile supporter, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard.

“You know when a band records a rather difficult second album?” Dobbs said Friday at VidCon. “That was like this, except the first time doing it.”

Ramona Rosales

Howard and Dobbs’ GFC drew inspiration from cult-classic cinema (albeit with a twist), as so brilliantly described by Howard.

“If Ghostbusters weren’t ghostbusters, but were con artists,” he says.

Despite only having GFC‘s pilot up on their channel, the British duo – who are self-proclaimed mega fans of Inside Amy Schumer, Key & Peele and Brooklyn Nine-Nine – already have a dream cast in mind. Among their picks: Daniel Radcliffe (“he’s so funny. He needs to be in more comedy,” says Dobbs) and Christopher Lloyd (“actual Doc Brown from Back to the Future,” says Howard).

Howard and Dobbs have been working alongside each other, from YouTube channel to sitcom, since 2008 – and they haven’t even grown bored of each other.

“I always feel like when we do stuff together, it’s the favorite stuff I do,” says Howard.

Reporting by WILL ROBINSON