Jack Antonoff Dishes on His Web Series and Touring with Charli XCX

"I just want to do my work in constantly new and challenging ways," says Antonoff of Thank You and Sorry

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Jack Antonoff has sure been keeping busy: In addition to hitting the road with Charli XCX this summer, the rocker recently released a Web series.

Part documentary, part comedy, Thank You and Sorry (available free on Google Play) chronicles a week of his life on tour with his band.

PEOPLE caught up with the Bleachers founder about the series, his “super exciting” tour and whether or not there’s any bad blood because he wasn’t in pal Taylor Swift‘s music video.

Why did you want to share this part of your life?
It’s all things that I’ve been sharing pretty intensely in the music, and I wanted to find new spaces to express that. The artistic part is finding all these new ways of expressing it. I don’t want to be an actor; I don’t want to have a TV show – I just want to do my work in constantly new and challenging ways.

You had some celebrity guests: Your girlfriend [Lena Dunham], Olivia Wilde. Does that kind of happen naturally, or how did they get involved with the project?
Yeah so everyone in the show, the combination of people, I knew and wanted to be in it, or people that we were fantasizing about. Like, for example, I don’t know Rosie Perez, but when we were talking about casting my girlfriend, for some reason I just couldn’t get her out of my head. It’s just sort of combinations of people that I knew and wanted to be involved and people that I kind of just fantasized about being involved, and then we figured out a way to make it happen.

What did Lena think of Rosie playing your girlfriend?
You know, we haven’t really discussed it.

You’re on the road with Charli XCX now – do you have a favorite song of hers?
I think my favorite is the first song on the album [SUCKER] where she just keeps screaming “f— you, sucker!” I like that; I think it’s awesome. Last time I talked to her we were talking about: A) doing a bunch of writing on tour, and B) picking out some songs to actually cover together or just play together. You know, it kinda starts to feel like a mini festival that you could do anything and you could jump out there; it’s not rigid, like, “now the headling band is going on.” So it’s just looser, which ends up being more fun for the crowd.

You have such different styles, but it just kind of works.
I don’t even know where it started, but you know that s what you want: You want to put something together where it’s like “1 + 1 = a million.” What makes it work is sort of undefined – like a super exciting energy to be walking into for a summer tour.

You’re pals with Taylor Swift and have collaborated with her. Were you upset that you weren’t in in the ”Bad Blood” music video?
Well, it was all women! I was just happy to watch it as a fan.

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