July 23, 2003 01:00 PM

Glow with J.Lo, the perfume from Jennifer Lopez and the Lancaster Group, which owns Coty Inc., has been a huge success since its launch last September. Now, the singer-actress is about to take another stab at sniffing the sweet smell of success, The New York Times reports.

A second scent, Still Jennifer Lopez, is due to start being spritzed this fall and will be aimed at an older, 25-and-up age group, says the paper, noting that the launch could be an iffy prospect given the poor word of mouth greeting Lopez’s upcoming movie “Gigli” and the saturation of press coverage of J.Lo and Ben Affleck — and how the public might be tiring of the couple.

“The easy way to view this is to witness what happened to Martha Stewart,” design and brand strategist Kathy Feakins tells The Times, referring to how a celebrity’s image can affect product sales.

But the real challenge before Lopez and Lancaster is how to launch Still Jennifer Lopez without damaging the bottom line on Glow with J.Lo, which last year sold $40 million internationally.

“The worst thing in the world would be to unplug Glow to introduce Still,” says Lancaster marketing vice president Catherine Walsh.

To sell Still, Lopez will appear in ads — which will appear in PEOPLE, among other publications, The Times notes — wearing a sophisticated gown. In those for Glow, she appeared nude behind glass.

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