By Stephen M. Silverman
December 20, 2002 01:00 AM

For the time being, Jennifer Lopez may call her signature fragrance whatever she likes, which happens to be “Glow by J. Lo.”

But that could change once U.S. District Judge Margaret Morrow makes a final decision in a trademark infringement case against the star, the Associated Press reports.

Glow Industries, which manufactures and sells its own scents, alleges in its suit filed against Lopez and Coty Inc. in August that J.Lo’s new line will be confused with Glow’s own Glow perfume.

Glow Industries also asked for a preliminary injunction to immediately stop J.Lo, 32, and Coty from using the name.

In her ruling this week, Judge Morrow denied that request.

“Glow Inc. has not demonstrated that it will probably prove a likelihood of consumer confusion,” said the Los Angeles jurist.

The attorney for Glow Industries, Arthur Aaronson, tells AP in so many words that Lopez’s citrus- and vanilla-based scent stinks. The company is seeking unspecified damages.

Lisa Pearson, the attorney for Lopez and Coty, insists “Glow by J. Lo” will not be confused with the single name Glow. She also points out that the two products are not similarly packaged nor aimed at the same markets.

The Lopez line — which includes perfume, lotion and shower gel — are featured in department stores, Pearson said, while Glow’s bath and body products are sold in specialty stores.