The image of a ballot is the only art gracing the front of The Casual Vacancy
Credit: Little, Brown and Company; Inset:Landov

Judging a book by its cover, J.K. Rowling is indeed making her transition from Harry Potter to adult (or should we say Muggle?) fiction.

Publisher Little, Brown and Company released the cover of her latest literary endeavor, The Casual Vacancy, a departure from the world of boy wizards and wands that captivated fans of all ages.

In keeping with the theme of the novel, which follows a parish council election in a small English town called Pagford, the cover is simple and solid in color. Instead of whimsical depictions of Hogwarts and Harry, the only visual on the book front is what appears to be a marked ballot against a red background.

Described as “a big novel about a small town,” Rowling tells the story of “the biggest war” to rock Pagford, sparked by an empty seat on the council – mayhem without the magic.

Behind the cover: 512 pages, which will arrive in bookstores Sept. 27.

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