By Cynthia Wang
Updated February 01, 2006 10:00 AM

J.D. Fortune has quickly learned the perks of being a rock ‘n’ roll star. When the 32-year-old singer – who won the chance to replace the late INXS vocalist Michael Hutchence on the reality show Rock Star: INXS – wanted actress Estella Warren, 27, to play his love interest in the group’s sexy “Afterglow” video, he got her. The duo (who both hail from the Toronto area) quickly became more than costars – they’re now dating. PEOPLE was at the L.A. video set the day they met and got the scoop on their instant romance.

J.D., you requested that Estella appear in the video?
J.D.: I remember seeing Estella twice on a Canadian talk show and I was really, really hoping she would do the video because we are both Canadian. It’s kind of cool because that camaraderie right from the beginning made it not an “L.A. experience.” When we met, I was like, “Oh my God, thank you is not even enough.”
Estella: We do have a lot in common. He said, “Oh, I used to live in Mississauga. Do you know where Webb Drive is?” And we just went from there – “Oh, did you go to this mall?” Our favorite store was Le Chateau and
JD: No, your favorite store!
Estella: My favorite store was Le Chateau (laughs)! Well, he won’t admit it but it really was his, too. Canadians have this weird way about them where we really stick together. I am a huge fan of INXS, but when I found out that J.D. was the new singer and was Canadian and asked if I would be in the video
JD: Begged! Begged! Begged!
Estella: I was absolutely flattered.

How is J.D. as an actor?
Estella: He’s actually really good. I’m surprised!
J.D.: Me, too, actually. I realized through the process of this whole thing that I’m not really a rock star at all. I’m just a guy from this small town and have a sense of humor.
Estella: I don’t believe a word of that! He is so a rock star, but he’s humble and he’s beautiful and stunning and sexy and very natural and very talented.
J.D.: Well, she’s just really been helping me out a lot. You’ve been such a treat today, today, eh?
Estella: We’re really comfortable together and we joke around.
J.D: I was really, really nervous. But after the first scene, it was like, “Okay, this is hot!”
Estella: Hell, yeah!