Ivanka Trump Says Dad Donald Is Not Sexist: 'He's One of the Great Advocates for Women'

Ivanka Trump says dad Donald Trump is "highly gender-neutral"

Photo: Max Vadukul

Donald Trump has been accused of sexism by countless people in the political sphere and beyond – fellow GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, to name a few.

But, his daughter Ivanka Trump insists the GOP front-runner is “highly gender-neutral” and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to doling out “unflattering” comments to men and women alike.

“If he doesn’t like someone, he’ll articulate that, and I think it’s also part of what resonates about him,” the 34-year-old businesswoman and mom-of-two with one more on the way tells Town & Country. “He’ll say what he’s thinking.”

“If he didn’t feel that women were as competent as men, I would be relegated to some role subordinate to my brothers,” she adds. “I think this is one of his great strengths: He fully prioritizes merit and accomplishment and skill and ability over background, education and gender. This company, over four decades, has always had women in its highest ranks I think he’s one of the great advocates for women, and he has been a great example to me my whole life He 100-percent believes in equality of gender [He has] confidence in women to do any job that a man can do, and my whole life has been proof of that.”

Ivanka Trump’s Town & Country cover story appears in the the magazine’s February issue, on newsstands Jan. 5

By now Ivanka is used to being asked if she approves of her dad’s controversial comments and beliefs.

Nevertheless, the question baffles her.

“People ask me, do I ever disagree with my father? It would be a little strange if I didn’t,” she says.

So does that mean she calls the billionaire businessman out on his more provocative personal insults and proposals?

“Well, I’m his daughter. In a political capacity, I don’t. It’s his campaign. I don’t feel that’s my role,” she explains. “But I would challenge him as a child. That’s what children do. [My daughter] Arabella challenges me every day.”

Despite whatever differences they may have, Ivanka sees her father’s presidential campaign largely as a positive thing – for the Donald himself and for the American people.

“He is running for the highest elective office in this country, and arguably the world it’s amazing to see how his message has resonated and what he’s been able to accomplish as a non-politician with a very strong point of view,” she says. “He’s my father and I love him and I fully support him. I’m always there for him if it’s helpful.”

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