Ivanka Trump Helps Mom Prep for Wedding

Ivana Trump is "the boss," says her daughter, adding, "She doesn't need my advice"

Photo: Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage

Bride-to-be Ivana Trump – set to marry Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi next month – has some wedding-day fashion advice for daughter Ivanka.

“My mother told me to get a yellow dress,” Ivanka, 26, told PEOPLE Tuesday at a Callaway women’s golf event in Manhattan.

Why yellow? “She’s getting married, and she’s the boss, ” says Trump, who can’t reveal the designer because “we’re still looking. But it’s going to be pretty.”

When it comes to giving mom advice for Ivana’s third trip to the altar, her daughter says, “She doesn’t need my advice. Marriage is known to her, with its ups and downs. She’s going into this with her heart and mind open and she’s excited.”

Asked if she has any special guys of her own in her life, the Celebrity Apprentice costar – who told The New York Times in December that she was linked to real-estate heir and publisher Jared Kushner – politely declined to answer.

“I don’t like bringing them into it,” she says. However, Trump, an avid golfer, does admit that her golf buddies – guys, all – find her monster swing (which sends the ball sailing some 230 yards) sexy.

“Men like that,” says Trump.

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