For an appearance on The View, the newlywed shows up without her ring
Credit: Dave Allocca/Startraks

Forget the honoring and respecting – newlywed Ivanka Trump can’t even remember to wear her wedding ring after marrying Jared Kushner.

“I knew you’d call me on that,” she said, laughing, when the women of The View noticed the absence of the symbol of her eternal love for her new husband on Tuesday. “I was engaged for three months and then I’ve been married around eight days, so it’s sitting on my bedside table. I forget about the hardware.”

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But to be fair, it’s not a common occurrence. “This is only one of two times,” said Trump, who also admitted to feeling “a little bit naked” without her ring.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has been married to football player Tim Hasselbeck since 2002, advised that once she gets used to wearing a wedding band, “You just don’t even take the ring off. You keep it on. It gets dirty But in the newlywed stage, you clean it and take care of it.”

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Promoting her new book, The Trump Card, with mom Ivana at her side, Ivanka also said she didn’t let the burden of having a famous and wealthy dad get in the way of finding her own success, thanking her parents for providing her with a good childhood.

And mom Ivana’s secret to motherhood?

“I told them not to steal, cheat or lie, not to drink alcohol or take drugs … and also the value of money and hard work,” she said.